Currently designing products and leading teams at Ecreo, a mid-sized agency in Denmark.

I’m Frederick, a
26-year-old designer with a passion for transforming insights into innovative solutions

Frederick as a small child using a computer from the late nineties

About me

Like most digital designers I work to improve the role of technology in our daily lives. I’m excited when I rapidly ideate on prototypes and translate complex business problems into data-driven solutions.

I’m a user-experience designer at heart, but the previous two years as a Design Lead has exposed me to the great joy and complexity of leadership.

These days I’m perhaps most excited, when I’m leading teams to help shape the vision for developing, communicating, and implementing user-experiences.

Video Courtesy of Ecreo

“I have a strong willingness to fail and learn.”

I have 6 years of agency experience spread across several industries, but I have a profound passion for healthcare, education, and enterprise.

No matter the industry I have a great record of working directly with stakeholders to drive consensus and search for unexplored value.

Frederick standing between a red Vespa and the beautiful Italian landscape.
Photo Pale as ever in Italy
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